We Give Physicians Their Time & Sanity Back

Documenting and Charting Solutions for Medical Practices of Any Specialty and EHR

Promote Career Longevity & Wellness for your Physicians

Grow Your Practice's Profitability

Give Your Patients The Care They Deserve

A Comprehensive Guide to Deploying Medical Scribes

Follow these best practice implementation steps to ensure the success of your scribes.

A Comprehensive Guide to Deploying Medical Scribes

Follow these best practice implementation steps to ensure the success of your scribes.

Don’t Keep Your Physicians Trapped In Administrative Work

Physicians are wasting way too much time on administrative tasks that is way below their pay grade.

50% of a physicians day is spent conducting clerical and administrative tasks

Physicians spend 2x as much time on a computer than in front of patients

physician burnout

Surveyed physicians attributed "paperwork" as the #1 cause of burnout in their profession.

The average ED doctor clicks their mouse 4000 times

Physicians Should Be Thinking...

ChartJoy’s medical charting process and innovative documentation solutions remove the administrative burden from your practice. So physicians can take their time back.

Find joy in your career.

En joy in your career.

Enable joyful patient experiences.

This is true joy in medicine.

Save Your Clinician’s Wellbeing & Longevity

We get it – your doctors deserve a happy, fulfilling career. That's why we're here to help them dodge burnout and stay in the game for the long run. Our solutions reduce the stress of administrative work and boost job satisfaction, so your clinicians can keep doing what they love without the unnecessary hassle.

Increase Your Practice’s Profitability

We’ll help your practice make more money while keeping things simple. You'll cut down those time-consuming administrative tasks and streamline your operations, so you can unlock your full profit potential. Say goodbye to data headaches and hello to a healthier bottom line.

Give Your Patients The Care They Deserve

It's all about your patients. You can make sure they get top-notch care and an amazing experience. We empower your staff to focus on patients, not data entry. Patients are happier, more satisfied, and keep coming back for care that's second to none.

We Believe Doctors Deserve To Be Doctors

We recognize how valuable our physicians are.

That’s why we have helped thousands of clinicians reclaim their day – resulting in happy doctors, happy patients, and happy bottom lines.

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Increase in well-being

Users report exceeding improvement in job satisfaction & work-life balance

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Hours saved per month

Users report completely eliminating or considerably reducing after-hours charting time (aka “pajama time”)

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Financial ROI

Our average user reports experiencing 1.3x—1.7x financial ROI on their investment in our services within 6 months

What Our Clients Have To Say

Chartjoy is a win-win for our enterprise. We have been able to meaningfully improve physician well-being, while simultaneously been able to expand patient access and improve practice efficiency through their services.

Ed O'Bryan, MD

Executive Director | Health Solutions | MUSC Health

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Bring Joy To Your Practice

Bring JOY To Your Practice

Most physicians are trapped wasting their time in the administrative obligations of their medical practice. They’re frustrated and burnt out - leading to unhappy patients and unmaximized clinical performance. ChartJoy’s charting and documentation solutions give clinicians their time back so they can do what they love most - caring for their patients and growing their practice.